Meet The Team...


Roger Haycock

Our self-taught master baker.

Roger's baking journey all began one Christmas when Lindsay bought him the Emmanuel Hadjiandreou book 'How to Make Bread'. At the time they owned the local deli/greengrocers store in Marsden. The decision was made to convert the small cellar into a bakery and Roger began producing bread to sell in the shop using a single deck stone pizza oven.

The product spoke for itself and was an instant hit and wholesale enquiries began coming in almost immediately. The natural progression was to sell the shop and focus on baking. In September 2015 Roger's Bakery opened on Warehouse Hill in Marsden. In under two years the business is supplying over 20 customers and producing more than 50,000 loaves per year.

Lindsay Haycock

Wife of Roger, assistant baker, chief taster and critic.

When Lindsay is not baking she is designing gardens- see her work at:


Tim O'Connor

Our friendly efficient delivery man.